Denver Inner City Parish | sign at Galapago St. | The Parish Denver
One of the original Denver Inner City Parish signs that hung at our founding location at 9th Ave. and Galapago St. in Denver

In the 1950s, churches that had historically provided human services to those in poverty in Denver began following their congregations to the suburbs. At that time, much of the poverty in large American cities was confined to urban neighborhoods. This created a gap in resources for those in need. To fill this gap, a coalition of churches formed a network of inner city parishes across the country. Denver Inner City Parish was founded in 1960.

Operating today as “The Parish,” we are a non-sectarian human services nonprofit that continues to support people in our city who are in need. Our services empower communities, support personal transformations, and create self-sustaining lifestyles for those who are most vulnerable.

Our mission statement:

The Parish is a community-based non-profit transforming the lives of vulnerable children and adults in the Denver metro area through programs that interrupt violence, disrupt poverty, and empower socio-economic progress.

This mission is executed across three focus areas:

Within these focus areas, we strive to combat poverty and its effects in ways that enable lasting, meaningful change. The butterfly in our logo is not only reflective of the street on which our main location now resides (Mariposa means “butterfly” in Spanish), but of transformation and beauty.

Focus Area Video

The Legacy of La Academia

La Academia high school | The Parish | Denver, CO
La Academia graduation ceremony (spring 2018)

Founded in 1971, La Academia operated as the independent high school of Denver Inner City Parish for more than four decades. The school celebrated with its final graduating class in the spring of 2018.

Students that entered the doors of La Academia came from a wide variety of backgrounds, but nearly all came from schools where they felt disconnected. At La Academia, they found a place to belong – for many, it became a second family. Generations of Denver youth acquired knowledge and life skills within the walls of La Academia that empowered them to succeed as adults.

Discontinuation Statement