Hunger & Nutrition

Closing the gaps in food insecurity

One out of seven children in Colorado experiences food insecurity. This means that over 14 percent of kids living in our state lack reliable access to affordable, nutritious food and may experience hunger on a regular basis.

In a recently-surveyed two year period (2014-2016), over 10 percent of all Colorado households struggled to put food on the table. Hunger in Denver and throughout the state is a silent but very real and prevalent problem. So too is the lack of access to fresh, nutritious foods. This issue has the most devastating effect on children and adolescents, whose developing brains and bodies suffer when access to adequate nutrition is limited. Lack of nutrition has long-lasting effects, contributing to generational cycles of poverty.

Our Hunger & Nutrition programs aim to meet the needs of those experiencing food insecurity in our community, thereby empowering families and individuals to make meaningful life changes.

The Parish food pantry

Each month, we distribute more than 40,000 pounds of food to those in need through our food pantry in central Denver. That’s nearly half a million pounds per year! Our food pantry is “no-boundary” and runs on a client-choice model, meaning that all are welcome regardless of address, and people are able to select their food as they would in a grocery store rather than picking up pre-made boxes. This makes for a less wasteful and more dignified experience.

Our pantry is open 3 days a week: Wednesdays & Fridays from 9am to 12pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 1pm at 1212 Mariposa St in Denver, and may be utilized by guests twice a month. Guests are asked to please bring their photo ID.

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Totes of Hope

Every Friday during the school year, The Parish supplies 300 schoolchildren in low-income areas with totes filled with enough food to last them through the weekend. Many parents struggle to make ends meet, and rely on school meals to meet the nutritional needs of their children. Parents often must choose between paying for rent, bills, medications, and food.

Totes of Hope helps relieve this burden and ensures that growing children know where their next meal is coming from and receive the nutritious food that they need.

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